Custom Web Tools include a powerful set of PHP & MySQL mechanisms and automation that enhance your website and business in general. The range of tool definitions is large, especially since custom design is associated with less common factors. Separate from Box Packaged solutions, Custom Web Tools can meet the exact need with an exact solution, rather than a generic solution meeting part of the need.

A good example of a custom web tool is a Web Scraper that can iterate large volumes of public or private data and rebuild that data on a local resource, such as a database. Scrapers can retrieve and store any media type including images, sounds, Flash media, and any file types including Word and Excel Docs, PDF files, movies and many more.

Custom web tools and utilities provide an exact solution, which can save time and money, while providing an ideal result with a unique remedy. The PHP Kemist specializes in custom programming, custom web tools and utilities, and solving your needs.

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Automation is the core of eliminating errors introduced by human hands. Businesses suffer from many causes of error including fatigue, lack of time, or outright lack of care by staff members. Anywhere a function is repeated, with or without chaning variables, your best option is to employ automation. Online businesses have many repetitious tasks that benefit from custom web tools and automation.

Initial data entry may be a cause for concern when the user is a slacker or simply dim! Creating a custom set of checks-and-balances can prevent errors and warn users of mistakes. Filters can be applied so each user is checked differently, creating a behavioral profile that treats each user differently.

Data cleansing and validation are typically measures for Web Security, but can be applied by custom tools. Tools can be programmed to handle millions of database records, manufacture volumes of one-off results and files, and handle every situation individually.

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Custom PHP Programming is a whole unique world of special circumstances and situations. The vast majority of programmers cater to the mundane and common, which The PHP Kemist is well experienced in. However, most businesses have special needs that are uncommon and quite distinct from other businesses. It is in this arena of Custom PHP Programming that The PHP Kemist excels, with vast experience creating perfect solutions for unique situations.

The PHP Kemist creates custom web scrapers that collect Online media and data, recreating custom databases. We develop CRON Task automation systems for updating news, products, services, to stay up-to-date by the minute, hour, day or week. We create custom file upload management systems handling images, sounds, animation and other media types with file system management and database tracking. Our automated image manipulation manages watermarking, resizing, and other design functions for web and direct marketing email campaigns with delivery filtration, comprehensive tracking and many more features. The PHP Kemist can build anything needed.

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The most important advantage to custom development and custom programming is having exactly what's needed. Most development today is derived from box packages, framework environments and GUI insertion. These are hazardous since
the people using these methods do not truly understand programming and often create vulnerabilities without even realizing it. problem with these is that the real programming is neither inspected nor understood.

Most website developers have little or no understanding of true SEO nor marketing, despite their contention. Online businesses end up buying sales jive and end up with a fraction of their needs. They have to search for a real SEO company, find a real security consultant and then a web security programmer, each of which revisit their website making changes and revisions. These add significant cost to website development, which could be avoided!

The PHP Kemist is an all-in-one web-secure PHP Programming Firm focused on marketing and SEO. Security and SEO are always part of our programming services without the extra expense or concerns.

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