Job Opportunities with The PHP Kemist

We at The PHP Kemist love PHP Web Programming, MySQL Database Programming, and eCommerce Internet technologies. More than just a passion, our involvement in developing Online Applications stems from an underlying desire to help others. Our company has coalesced from a mutual appreciation of team involvement and a focus on the end results. The bottom line for us is to produce significant system functionality that increases cash flow while reducing and cutting the fat that wastes money.

Are you an experienced PHP Programmer, MySQL Programmer, Corporate Graphic Designer, Search Engine Optimization expert, and/or Network and Application Security Professional? Do you have a clear and mind with the ability to work well with a diverse group of technical experts and prpgrammers? Can you also work entirely alone on a project from start to finish? If so, we'd like to see your portfolio.

Send us a list of URLs for your best Online projects with a description of your job role in each. Include a pertinent resume relating only to technical education, experience, and background related to our industry. Please indicate the job description you are seeking, and your expectations for compensation.

Submit Job Application materials to the email address above, or Snail Mail them to:

The PHP Kemist
Attention: HR Dept.
POB 95545
South Jordan, UT 84095