PHP and MySQL Website Programming
The PHP Kemist has been involved in web design and Internet technologies since 1989. Our team has researched the best tools and most efficient web languages and found the PHP web programming language proven to be the fastest and most effective for most web development. When combined with the high performance qualities of the open source MySQL Database programming technologies, PHP & MySQL offer everything to anyone wanting combined performance, scalability, and affordability.

We offer a variety of business marketing products and services ranging from Web and Database Programming to Graphic Design and Flash Multimedia, Dynamic PDFs, audio/video editing and DVD master productions, Network Security, Web and Database Security, and Search Engine Optimization. All of the above contribute symbiotically toward successful Online business marketing and creating positive cash flow.

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Online marketing requires some help from Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The goal for creating a positive cash flow situation is built upon the prerequisite of effective SEO bringing quality web traffic to your site. Only after search engines understand your products and service can they bring potential customers to your site. eCommerce web site designs can be successful without SEO, direct marketing campaigns, or other forms of marketing. SEO is a good choice for Online business owners looking to increase the volume and quality of their site traffic with cash flow and profitability as a primary goal.

Search Engines are like librarians that identify appropriate literature. The reader asks the librarian for particular subjects and the librarian presents the materials. Like the librarian, search engines rely on aspects of your website to determine the association. SEO is how we inform search engines so users can find you with SEO keywords.

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After designing a great web site and receiving quality traffic from successful SEO Campaigns, you will start to see positive cash flow. This creates an overall increase in popularity, exposure and public interest. Hackers, malicious users, and web site abusers will follow the flow to your site as well. Your need for security increases relative to your traffic and popularity.

The need for security extends to more than one location for your successful Online business. Web site security is important since your site may reveal sensitive information when attacks occur. Database security is important to protect your eCommerce and transactional information, to prevent disclosure of proprietary information, and prevent attackers from learning your infrastructure. Network security may be important to protect your servers, office network and associated network devices from intrusion. Given there are many points for potential exploitation of vulnerabilties, security should be considered and integrated.

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» PHP Secure Programming

Graphic Design plays a significant role in every aspect of your marketing, whether Online or in print. Extremely functional web sites can fail due to poor graphic design, where great graphic design can make a less functional site more successful. Branding your name and logo is vital to long term Online campaigns and business growth.

Graphic Design for web sites often creates a reference point for all your design specifications.

Graphic Design for Print Media must be clear and concise, promotional, and inspiring. Print media can connect buyers to your website and provide valuable tracking

Graphic Design for animation and video productions puts your name, logo and look into action. This often inspires more interest and expresses much more while consuming less real estate. Enhanced tracking can provide behavioral analysis of your consumers, leading to improved marketing.

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