DVD Productions

A DVD can contain hours of high resolution audio/video content, plus additional multimedia presentations, PDF files and more. The PHP Kemist offers digital video capture services, audio/video editing, effects rendering, media compression for DVD, navigable interactive menus and prototype-to-disc production. Once your master DVD has been created, bulk DVD duplication houses are the most economically feasible for quantities greater than 25 - 50. Storing bulk business data, photo galleries, music archives and other volumes of digital media is appropriate for DVD. Standard 4.7 Gb discs can store approximately 4.4 Gb of data. Standard movie DVDs contain encrypted _VOB files that cannot be copied directly. "DVD Ripping" is the process of removing that encryption to allow modification of the audio/video content. "DVD Demuxing" is the process of reducing file sizes by recompressing the audio/video content to fit onto a smaller medium size such as a 4.7 Gb DVD. Once Ripped, DVD content can be converted from _VOB to any other format including MOV, WMV, and MPEG-n. Some legal restrictions may apply.

Benefits & Functionality

  • Tutorial Videos
  • Adventure & Travel Documentaries
  • Home Video & Recorded TV Content
  • Backing-Up Your Computer's Drive
  • Storing Data Between Flights & X-Rays
  • Storing Valuable Video Footage On-the-Fly