Keyword Research and Evaluation
In the pursuit of Online Business success, we define the parameters of success and continue to measure our SEO Progress. SEO Rank and SEO Traffic are great indicators of progress in our pursuit of SEO success, but a big concern in our pursuit is the cost of progress. SEO Campaigns take time, and time is money, so we must look for ways to save time and avoid cost. We feel there is absolutely no reason to fabricate unnecessary cash flow when there is plenty of valid SEO work to be done and media to create.

One of the answers to avoiding unnecessary work is to replicate best SEO practices that are already proven. The best SEO Startup Method is to analyze your Online Competition and determine why they are successful. It is not reasonable to reinvent the wheel when it resides Online awaiting review. By understanding your Online Business competition and applying their methods for success, your SEO Campaign can launch into a fast track for success with an additional focus on beating your competition.

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Your Online competitors can teach us a great deal about your industry and the SEO factors that have helped them succeed Online. By analyzing the SEO factors that your SEO competition has used, we can quickly determine which factors are applicable to benefit your campaign. We may also determine some SEO factors and paths to avoid.

Analyzing your Online competition starts by checking who is successfully using your preferred SEO keywords and showing up in search engine results with high rank. The sites selected for SEO analysis should be offering similar services and/or selling similar products. Some sites may only be partial SEO matches where others may be total matches. They all have something to offer your SEO Campaign as we can learn from failing sites as well as successful sites.

After the SEO Keyword analysis of your competitors' websites we move on to learning why their SEO Keywords work well for them and how to beat them at their own SEO Campaign strategies.

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During the web analysis of your SEO competition, we will discover SEO keywords, internal and external link structures, SEO copywritten content and other SEO factors that will shed light on your SEO Campaign needs. Knowing what helped rank your SEO competition, combined with what they did wrong, provides a great foundation for a successful SEO Campaign startup with the least amount of work. But, the goal of your SEO Campaign is not simply to match your competition's tactics, but to exceed their rank and acquire their traffic. It is not enough to simply perform, as we must outperform those who seek to dominate the traffic that would provide positive cash flow, and make your Online business successful.

Surpassing your SEO Competition is an ongoing struggle to evaluate, analyze, and research. Maintaining an active approach requires constant site enhancements that improve rank and increase site traffic. The real indicator of SEO success is not so much the raw traffic you receive, but the resulting positive cash flow.

» SEO Copywriting And Editing

SEO Maintenance is required to maintain a great SEO postion. Once a keyword search places your site at the top of Google's results, the competition for that position can be fierce. Keeping your site at the top of those search results means a continued effort to maintain how the search engines view your site in regards to your SEO Keywords. Some SEO Keywords may naturally degrade quickly if left unattended.

The PHP Kemist offers comprehensive SEO Maintenance services to help you keep your hard earned search results positions. We repeatedly scan, report and analyze SEO stats about your site to determine what should be added, removed, or changed for best SEO improvements. With triage and persistence, we affect those changes while watching the search engine results for improvement. This is a cyclical scientific approach to SEO that we share with you on a weekly, bimonthly, or monthly basis. It is the only effective approach to SEO Maintenance and Online SEO success.

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