PHP 4D Project Methodology
The first step in our approach to a project is to Define your project requirements. By consulting and researching your business and its goals, we can better understand and pursue the best path to a successful launch and long term goals.

Corporate Graphic Design elements must properly represent your business for quality, product, with additional aesthetic messaging.

PHP Websites, MySQL Databases, Flash Media and other media objects must meet and exceed goal requirements for functionality, reliability, and long term maintenance ease.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and business marketing campaigns must match well against target audiences to generate high quality traffic with an associated high quality cash flow.

Network and web security should be integrated from inception and designed to match your business structure and expected production conditions. Future security evaluations will help prevent Security Vulnerabilities and Exploits.

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Designing web pathways and functions
The second step toward project completion is the Design phase. With an understanding of your business and a working team environment, we can create the structure that allows development to ensue. Pathways and flowcharts show the logic and direction of site and media functionality. This step prevents confusion and maintains project scope and integrity.

Graphic Design sets the stage for pre-press print production, web site development, Flash presentations, and overall business design specifications.

PHP Programming and MySQL Database Programming combine with Flash Programming and Graphic Design elements to produce a fully dynamic and inspiring experience for your traffic to present, interact, collect data, and enable the right conditions for generating cash flow.

Aggressive Business Marketing and Search Engine Optimization increases web traffic and global exposure. As the public takes notice, so too will hackers and malicious users. Web Security starts with project design and evolves with all directions of development.

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Developing layouts, code and databases
Media Development is the next step in the creation process, and the most exciting. With well defined project requirements and properly structured designs, we can develop your media and Online Applications fully prepared for your delivery conditions in the next step: Deployment. Media is developed with expectation to generate traffic, attention, and cash flow.

Graphics take form and proceed through the design and revisions phase to final selections for print, eCommerce Web Design, and other media like Flash Presentations.

Web Development includes the layout process, which is followed by Dynamic PHP Programming, MySQL Database programming, and other language programming and media development. Web Security is included in all startup phases of programming for ideal web and network security.

Marketing Preparations initiate before, and continue beyond launch. SEO, SEM, Bulk Email, and Print Marketing are all interrelated and connected to generate interest and traffic, which must all be tracked and analyzed to keep you informed for maximized performance and success.

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Deployment for global public launch
The PHP Kemist can assist you with every step of your Marketing Campaigns. Our team of Internet Professionals and Expert PHP Web Programmers will discover powerful domain names for you, setup your web hosting, email, FTP/SFTP, Blog, and other Online services. Whatever your Online business needs, The PHP Kemist can augment your staff to prepare for ongoing business operations, while training you and your staff. Our goal is to inform, instruct, and assist our clients... NOT to treat the process as a secret so you become dependent.

The PHP Kemist remains by your side from start to finish through all of your marketing campaigns to provide real time reflexive guidance, technical support, and programming services.

The Internet presents constant change that can be complex to track and respond to. Dynamic PHP Programming with MySQL Database Back Ends provides unlimited automated services that let you keep up with your business. In an age when customers have become educated and research their desires, businesses must stay on top of the competition and prepare for success from start to finish.

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