Businesses today rely heavily on the ability to store and manage large amounts of financial and eCommerce information. Data that contains sensitive information, whether financial or proprietary, remains valuable when not shared publicly. Protecting sensitive data becomes a serious issue when it is stored on a computer that is connected to the Internet. From the conservative desire to limit prying eyes has arisen a whole industry of Internet Security.

Hackers and bad people are relentless at trying to access your data. The best protection from Online data theft is pulling the power cord from the wall. For the rest of us who want to stay Online, there is the need for Web Security and Network Security. It holds true that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Is your piece of the pie protected right now?

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External Penetration Security Testing - Explore your network and servers from the hackers' points of view.. from the outside.

Internal Penetration Security Testing - If a hacker can penetrate your network from the outside, or an internal employee gets grumpy, you need to know the health of your network from the inside too.

Website Vulnerability Testing and Exploit Analysis - The vast majority of network intrusions and security exploits are the result of vulnerabilities wrtten into the code of websites by poor programmers.

PHP Security Code Reviews - Finding vulnerabilities in your PHP website and eCommerce business is through comprehensive code reviews. Although many security vulnerabilties are discovered from external penetration testing, many can only be discovered from direct code inspection.

MySQL Database Security Testing - Your database may be the keys to your business and it deserves special attention. If you store sensitive data in a database, you must take strong measures to assure its definite and persistent protection.

Web Server Security Testing - Some web servers are secure by default, some are not. From LINUX to Apache to Microsoft we find they all become vulnerable when serving bad web programs.

Wireless Network Security Testing - Wireless network printers, wireless enabled servers, or network users unaware that their wireless computers are vulnerable, they all create potential security vulnerabilities, even from outside your building.

Security penetration testing is a great defense strategy. But, hackers evolve as should your website. Any change to your web Programming may introduce security vulnerabilities, regardless of how innocuous they may seem.

Whatever your changes, you must consider recurring penetration testing and security evaluations. Recurring security tests can quickly and inexpensively help expose potential security flaws and programming vulnerabilities.

In addition to recurring security scans, revisiting PHP code reviews for security are wise. Simply reviewing files with modification dates since the previous security checkup may reveal modules requiring security repairs.

The PHP Kemist is a security partner of Emagined Security, offering a variety of security penetration tests, web security evaluations, and network security scans and services.