One of the foremost reasons for PHP Code Reviews is Deprecated Code. Code Deprecation is a result of the evolution of a web language through versions, which mandates certain aspects of existing code be updated. The cause of web site deprecation is usually lazy programmers and either complacent or unaware site owners.

Deprecation is a stage of partial support prior to the next stage, which provides no support at all. During the period of deprecation, PHP Code still works, but superior code exists to take its place in the new language version. This is an overlapping in time allowing programmers to learn new aspects of the PHP language and to replace old PHP code with new PHP code.

If PHP Programmers fail to learn new versions of the PHP Language, they fall behind… the result being a deprecated web site. If left unchecked and the web server is updated to the current PHP version, the deprecated website may stop working altogether.

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The second reason for a PHP Code Review is the concern for Bad PHP Programming. Sites developed by poor PHP Programmers may include deprecated PHP code and even worse code containing security vulnerabilities. The results of various programming flaws range from PHP code security vulnerabilities to bad experiences for web visitors. Poor PHP Programming may impact the bottom line on your eCommerce cash flow, which is bad!

PHP Code Reviews should not stop at finding PHP code security vulnerabilties in your website. Where a standard or automated code review will overlook the efficiency and error handling of your PHP modules, The PHP Kemist investigates these and other aspects of how your modules work, and how well they work together as a whole site.

Quality eCommerce PHP web sites need more than just a pretty face and inspiring advertising… they need solid, Quality PHP Programming!

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Most web sites, esepcially eCommerce web sites, receive information from users via web forms. Users typically submit information by using supplied web forms, but hackers can submit form data directly to the server using various other methods. Any PHP web program that accepts user web data must cleanse and validate it before parsing, processing and handling it.

Validation of submitted web form data filters user information based on what is expected or not. A phone number should not contain text, and a name should not contain numbers. Email addresses must match a prescribed format and character set.

Cleansing submitted web form data removes illegal characters and protects PHP Programs from injection methods. Cleansing may mean the removal of, or simply marking of illegal characters so they cannot become part of the PHP Programming, preventing hacking. Simple effective hacking protection.

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MySQL Programming is vulnerable to bad PHP Programming. PHP interacts with and affects MySQL Databases. While your MySQL Databases may seem secure and safe as individual components of your eCommerce web site, your PHP Code can defunct your existing protection. A lack of data validation and data cleansing, bad PHP Programming, and an overall lack of web site security may lead to database infiltration by hackers. The result may be a sudden and total compromise of your Online business, possibly resulting in your brick and mortar business going under. This can be avoided with a PHP Security Code Review and PHP Repairs.

If you do not consider security an important aspect of your overall business longevity, you should consider the real case of hacker instrusions. What would happen if your customer data was published globally? How would they feel if their credit card information was stolen? Who would they blame if these types of hacking situations were to occur?

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