PHP Programming is the integration of the PHP programming language into web applications and similar systems. PHP may be utilized in small salt-and-pepper doses, or heavily for complete PHP handling. PHP Programming is the best solution for developing web applications, because it is free with no licensing, is Open Source with amply available technical support, and is the fastest dynamic web language available.

The language for Programming PHP is a diverse and powerful language, similar to C and Java, but best suited for Web and Internet Environments. Writing web applications with PHP requires a solid general understanding of programming with a specific expertise in the PHP Programming Language. However, the best web applications come from expert knowledge of PHP combined with multiple expertise in Graphic Design, Web Development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Web and Network Security.

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Programming web sites and web applications with PHP is a great choice. Combining the PHP programming language with a MySQL Database is another great choice. PHP & MySQL are native allies that produce spectacular results. Enhancing your web site with Flash media can produce interest and intrigue, but when powered by PHP & MySQL, Flash media can present your products and services unlike any conventional media, and increase your conversion of traffic to sales.

Traffic is the first key to increasing web site sales performance. Once visitors reach your site, it is presentation that inspires sales, whether it be Flash media or other conventional media. PHP programming is behind

Defining dictates designing and leads to development.

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The PHP Kemist exels at programming development. Code is at the core of all successful eCommerce and services websites. Development of PHP and other associated web media commences after the Define and Design phases are completed.

PHP programming and MySQL database programming are performed together. Programming is pursued in combination with search engine optimization. Web security is integrated into all programming specifications. This combined approach results in a secure robust site with significant traffic potential for conversion.

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Once your project has been developed and is ready for deployment, The PHP Kemist will remain on your team to assure successful startup and operation.

Long term site success requires ongoing maintenance and continued PHP development. As your customers' needs change and the global market evolves, The PHP Kemist will work with you to improve and adapt site functions. We remain devoted to your cash flow as a result of SEO traffic conversion and minimized vulnerabilities.

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