Maintenace is a requirement for any project designed for longevity. There are numerous reasons for web site maintenace including additions, deletions, upgrades, and repairs. The purpose for web maintenance may vary, but the factors affecting the efficiency of web maintenance do not.

As your eCommerce web site matures and your Online business grows, you will inevitably want to make changes. Additions and deletions are common maintenance tasks applied to text, images, sound, and various media types throughout your web site.

Changes to the structure, functionality, and services of your eCommerce website are considered Upgrades and Updates. Web sites benefit from more than the gained functionality, as they demonstrate quality and growth.

As programming languages mature, they become refined and drop inefficient components. The "old" language is called "Deprecated Code" and this can cause your web applications to simply stop working. Removing deprecated code is a less frequent, but important type of web site maintenance.

The PHP Kemist remains up-to-date with the latest versions of PHP & MySQL. We perform code deprecation repair and code reviews for both deprecation and web security. Our web programming style minimize the time and cost for all forms of web site maintenace.

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Search Engine Optimization is a campaign of patience, persistence and effort. The results of SEO work include higher positions in search engine results, higher quality traffic to your eCommerce web site, and increased cash flow.

Maintaining your search engine positions, increased traffic and cash flow requires an ongoing SEO Campaign. By remaining diligent with SEO efforts, you minimize slippage in search engine results and maintain cash flow.

Your Online competition will remain diligent and relentless in their pursuit to push you out of great search engine positions on their way to the top. Where one competitor might fail, another will strive. Competetive Analysis should be a recurring part of SEO Maintenance.

The world is constantly changing and your products, services, and customers may change as well. Old campaigns with old keywords and key phrases may lose performance if users stop searching change their searching habits. Similarly, backlinks disappear with time, reducing your reputation and overall authority. SEO maintenance keeps your keywords up-to-date, your backlink count maximized, and search engines happy.

SEO Campaigns require ongoing work to stay healthy, but campaigns thrive with persistent due diligence and strategic attacks.

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After all the work creating your Online business, then promoting it and creating positive cash flow, wouldn't it be prudent to protect it? The additional maintenance and growth that any successful Online business will see is significant. It is that growth and success specifically that will attract attacks to put you out of business and test your liability.

For many reasons, it is critical that an Online business startup with as much security as is reasonable to prevent attacks and save money. Addressing security after development is far more epensive than integrating security during initial programming.

Regardless how safe and secure your web applications may be, maintenance that is performed by security-blind programmers may introduce new vulnerabilities that can crumble any previous security measures.

Hackers are resourceful and persistent. You must be equally as diligent in your efforts to prevent them from being successful. Programmers are not all built the same, as most programmers are clueless about security. You must ask your PHP Programmer if they understand security, as it relates to hacker prevention and protecting databases. Simple login boxes and SSL have little to do with preventing attacks.

SSL can aid hackers by hiding their transactions from many Intrusion Detection Systems IDS. Forms may resemble login screens, but lack needed security code behind them.

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Marketing your business requires more than one campaign. Whether you intend to use direct marketing mailers, bulk email campaigns, attend trade shows, or al of the above, you will likely repeat your efforts more than a few times. With multiple campaign efforts comes various aspect of ongoing maintenance for success.

The most important information that is associated with marketing maintenance is the tracking and analysis of multiple individual marketing efforts. If you mail five different postcard designs, it is likely one or two are more successful than the remaining three. Subsequent postcard designs wouild be influenced by the previously successful designs. By continuing this cycle of design and analysis, your postcards will more and more successful with time.

Marketing campaigns that connect to web tracking systems, including mailers with tracking and promo codes, can play a big role in defining subsequent campaign designs. The bottom line for any marketing campaign is the positive cash flow it creates. Combining multiple campaign formats and mediums can create confusion and obfuscate the truly beneficial methods, while falesly indicating a poor method as good. Only through tracking and report analyses can you focus attention on the real winners and learn from the losers.

From any marketing campaign effort you invest into, you must discover your cash flow efficiency, else potentially throw time and money down the drain.

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