The best defense against security vulnerabilies is a strong security offense. Preventing access to your confidential information is a great way to get started. The question is how to best defend your database from attack.

Securing your MySQL Database is two-fold. Your MySQL Database can be accessed through your PHP Programs as well as through a direct Internet connection. They must both be secured to prevent database hacker attacks.

Most ISPs provide a secure network connection to your MySQL Database by filtering the IPs and servers that may connect to it. They additionally restrict database permissions to specific users on specific IP Addresses and ranges, which can be very effective.

Securing your PHP Programming remains the most critical point in securing your MySQL Database! Bad PHP programmers can devastate your whole Online Business if they include PHP Programming Vulnerabilities and ignore Secure PHP Programming. PHP Programs can be extremely secure, if they are programmed well by qualified and experienced PHP Programmers.

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MySQL Databases communicate with PHP Programs. Despite great User Permissions restrictions and IP Filtration for security, bad PHP Programming may provide database access to hackers. The overwhelmingly majority of compromised web and database servers results from bad programming. This can be prevented.

Since PHP Programs talk to MySQL eCommerce Databases, and bad PHP Programs can be modified by various types of SQL and Code Injection, your PHP Programming must be secured to protect your eCommerce Database. Secure PHP Programs require layers of filtration that validate and cleanse data submitted by web users and hackers. Preventing SQL Injection and Code Injection attacks can prevent your database becoming compromised.

Through bad PHP Programming, SQL Injections can command your database and extract confidential customer data, which can compromise your business. Your eCommerce MYSQL Database may give up credit card data, inventory records, and anything you have stored. Database Security is paramount.

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A common misperception is that if your eCommerce website is using SSL that it is secure from hackers. This is not true. Encryption adds a layer of protection if implemented carefully.

When SSL encryption and decryption is placed behind the Intrusion detection System (IDS), hacking attempts can continue unfiltered, allowing hackers the luxury of ample time to attack.

Login credentials can be encrypted inside sessions to protect user names and passwords. But, if the cookie can be stolen from the user's browser or in-transit using man-in-the-middle attacks, session data encryption may serve no benefit.

Database information may secured by encryption methods so if the database is stolen, the data is stil safe. But, if the PHP Programming is exposed, the encryption method may be explored and the database information therefore decrypted.

Encryption methods to prevent hacking may not be as safe as it sounds, and must be deployed carefully.

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How do you prevent a hacker from finding your sensitive information? You hide it. If you have something to keep safe, there are more web security tactics than encryption alone. If your secrets are hidden in a known location, it may just be a matter of time before they are revealed. If you hide your secrets in unexpected locations in addition to layers of security, you are making the hacker's job much tougher. There is no reason to do only half the job securing your information. Make it tough for hackers to attack you and treat your privacy like a serious battle to the death, nothing less should be tolerated.

Business owners who sit back and hope for the best are often the most vulnerable simply because they have not pursued web security options. Hackers prey on the weak before they attack the secure. Life is a series of aggressive battles that should be treated like mortal combat, and stifling hackers is one of those ongoing wars. We cannot express strongly enough how important it is to protect yourself proactively and aggressively. Most businesses have a lot lose, and hackers want to take it from you.

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