The fastest way to defeat your database defenses is an insecure server environment! A number of security requirements can compromise your MySQL Database Security if the server environment is overlooked. There are tremendous differences betweeen hosting your MySQL Database Server yourself and using Dedicated Database Servers, Virtual Dedicated Database Servers, and Shared Hosting for MySQL Databases.

Creating a functional MySQL Database driven eCommerce Web Site Design is a great start to your Online Business. However, few organizations correctly consider the repurcussions of an Insecure Server Environment. Do you know how secure your MySQL Database Server is? You need to know who hass physical access to the server and to the network the server operates on. Is your MySQL Database Server Maintenance routine or ignored?

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While there are numerous valid ways to structure your MySQL Database, some are secure where others are insecure. A MySQL Database can be simple and functional, but insecure and potentially devastating to an Online Business. Business owners frequently utilize MySQL Databases for their eCommerce web site designs and Online Business operations without realizing that their MySQL Databases were built without any form of security.

The proliferation of GUI and Framework based development tools has bred a generation of poor programmers. Most programmers lack the fundamental concepts of Security Programming, and this is even more lacking in MySQL Database Programmers. It is unfortunately frequent that MySQL Databases are developed into security vulnerabilities waiting to happen, while the owners and programmers are totally unaware.

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MySQL Database exploits usually arise from vulnerabilities in the front end code created by poor web programmers. The vast majority of exploited servers are attacked because the "web developer" did not understand the concepts of Security Programming and/or did not put forth a valid effort to protect the database. Ignorance is no excuse for bankruptcy or a total loss of customer confidence. There is only one valid approach to Securing Your MySQL Database, and that is to diligently put forth all available measures to secure the database from all types of attack.

Since most MySQL Database attacks are performed against the Security Vulnerabilities found in poor Web Programming, Hackers spend more time looking for web-based vulnerabilities than network or server configuration vulnerabilities. Therefore, PHP Security Programming must be approached carefully, with great detail, and as a true Security Programmer.

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As safe and secure as a MySQL Databases and PHP eCommerce Web Site Designs can be, time reveals some unfortunate consequences. Languages change and deprecation can defunct security features, requiring periodic Security Code reviews. Network and server configurations may become invalid if they are not maintained and upgraded on schedule. Yet worse are Box Packages that announce security flaws to hackers, who attack your site before you get around to updating your site manually.

Security Evaluations should routinely be performed. Security Scans of web applications, MySQL Databases, and the network and server configurations to maintain yourr MySQL Database Security. Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) should be updated, upgraded, and maintained post-SSL Decryption. IDS Logs and Security Software alerts should receive immediate response. Protect your MySQL Database because it can affect your whole business!

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