Shopping Carts

Shopping Cart systems facilitate the collection of multiple products and services while the user continues to navigate the site. Analogous to the grocery store "shopping cart," a customer is free to collect products, but may not depart with them until payment is made. Website Shopping Carts track information about the customer's product selections until the customer is ready to make a purchase. When ready to purchase, the customer may View The Shopping Cart to assess their inventory. The ability to update quantities and features, delete items, and delete the entire Shopping Cart are required. Anonymous customers may retain their Shopping Cart inventory until their Cookies-Sessions are expired, or they delete the Cookie from their browser. Members of the website, however, may Save Their Shoping Carts, which are then associated with their membership records indefinitely. When the member next logs in, their Shopping Cart is replenished with the last saved Shopping Cart inventory, allowing them to resume shopping or finish their purchase. This increases the chances that a member will finish an incomplete purchase. Both Saved Shopping Carts, Anonymous Shopping Carts, and General Shopping Cart Usage can be tracked and logged for analysis. This may have huge impact on Direct Marketing Campaigns, Automated Upselling, and Internal Inventory Management & Purchasing, amongst other business functions. Invoices are tracked and logged for additional analyses. Knowing what products sell the best affects which items appear in prominent site locations. Owners may choose to promote poorly selling products, where others may wish to additionally promote the best sellers. Relationships between Sold Quantities, Inventory Quantities, Profit Margins and Inventory Storage Costs all impact the bottom line of profit and economic feasibility. Automated business-specific analyses may provide essential eCommerce statistics affecting the success or failure of your Online existence.

Benefits & Functionality
  • Customers Can Collect Multiple Products/Services
  • Quantities, Colors & Sizes May Be Modified Before Purchase
  • Carts May Be Saved For Later Checkout & Purchase
  • Usage Analyses Affects Various Marketing Efforts