Website Control Tools

The PHP Kemist creates custom Programs and Web Applications to meet your custom business needs. We are not an out-of-the-box company so our solutions are unique, like your business. Our website contains information and working examples representing a fraction of what's possible. If you have a custom need and want more information about Database Driven Web Site Design, call us at 801.253.2564 or send email to
Adding Code To Your Designs
The PHP Kemist programs for design firms that either don't have an internal programmer or whose clients' needs exceed their internal skill set. We accept subcontract work on a per-project basis as well as hourly. If you have a design or a working site lacking dynamics, we can add the power of PHP & MySQL.
eCommerce Web Site Design
Tap into the eCommerce power utilized by over 75% of dynamic web sites today. Integrate PHP & MySQL into your site and join Yahoo!, Amazon and eBay amongst others. eCommerce web site design combined with our search engine optimization services creates automated cash flow. The web is your fulcrum, so leverage the power of PHP into time saving resources and cash flow enhancers.
Need An SEO Firm for Search Engine Optimization Services?
We offer search engine optimization services (SEO) and search engine marketing services (SEM). Web search engine optimization can create a large flow of intended traffic to your eCommerce web site. The competition for quality search engine placement demands accurate and crafted SEO programming. SEO and SEM are best crafted into your eCommerce web site design during web and database development, rather than separately after launch.
Web Security Info
The Internet is replete with hackers trying to break into eCommerce web sites and data repositories. Web site. security is an ever growing requirement for business longevity. Nearly all of the hacks on the Web are due to insecure programming. Our web and database programmers are network security consultants who understand how to develop secure programming, to protect your data and your business lifespan.

The Winning Combination of Technologies
The combination of Web and Database Programming, Web and Network Security, Search Engine Optimization, and Search Engine Marketing creates a successful combination for eCommerce Web Site Design. When your web and database programmers understand network security, and search engine optimization, eCommerce web site design becomes economical, efficient, and effective. If you would like to learn more about your business potential Online, call us today at 801.253.2564 or send email to