Just about all dynamic and eCommerce web site designs utilize databases. This is because databases provide fast and flexible access to information, even when searches are complex. Databases are typically ODBC (Open DataBase Connectivity), which means they use a standard language to communicate and can do so with many languages, like PHP. The question we address here is what can your ODBC MySQL Database do for your Flash media?

The fact is, Flash can communicate with just about any server-side interface, including PHP & MySQL. This means we have the extreme power and speed of a MySQL Database with the speed and superior qualities of PHP Programming! Your Flash media can connect to your web server, send requests for data, and have a database delivered response within milliseconds.Yes, that's fast!

The question remaining is, "What are you going to do with all that power behind the amazing abilities of Flash?" Your answer should be, "Anything that increases my resulting cash flow."

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Because of the amazing variety of possibilities with Flash Media, there is an important design requirement to consider. Flash is often mistaken for a playful toy to demonstrate capabilities. Flash takes time to develop and program, time is money, and money should not be wasted. If your Flash Media is not focused completely on increasing your cash flow, you are wasting money!

Preventing wasteful development is the result of careful project design. Defining exactly how Flash can benefit your Online Business, how it can create cash flow, and require the least maintenance must be done before Flash development starts. A good project design should allow flowchart creation, media collection, copy writing, and story boarding prior to opening Flash. In this effort, we must avoid The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men.

Developing Flash Database Programming can be done effectively and efficiently, but security measures must assure the protection of your eCommerce Online Business web site and database.

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Reaching the development phase of Flash Database Programming is exciting and can lead your eCommerce web site designs to functional freedom. Most Flash media operates only as client-side interactivity, but Flash can communicate with server-side processes and external targets. Similar to any other programming language, Flash media requires a rigorous testing process to assure functional accuracy and security throughout the development phase. Flash may be difficult for most to Testing for correct data handling, image effects, form validation, and error messaging maximizes the effort to reach a full release state.

Flash database programming can provide many dynamic services:
· Retail Product Presentation
· Shopping Cart Systems
· Inventory Management
· Behavioral Tracking
· Direct Marketing Ads
· Interactive Tutorials
Flash Database Programming offers many more services than these, when combined with PHP & MySQL.

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Deploying Flash projects with database interactivity is very straight forward… given the correct process. Development that includes security testing, database transactional testing, and proven efficiency standards require standard debugging and can become fully operational as quickly as fully PHP & MySQL systems.

Prelaunching on development servers for testing, reviews, and revisions is similar to prelaunching of other media types. Debugging Flash remote connections is accomplished using ethical hacking standards to monitor transactional data, and applying PHP, MySQL and Flash ActionScript revisions. The PHP Kemist develops and programs Flash interactive systems with a modular approach to maximize extensibility. Security Programming is constantly considered and appliedd during development of all Online systems including interactive Flash Database Programming. Security and functionality are critical for the success of any Online business and we are foused on maximizing and maintaining your posittive cash flow.

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